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This is a place where you can ask a question, report bugs and leave your suggestions on how to improve Simple Q&A Diary app. Just leave a comment below or send me an email at Use email only if you have a screenshot of a bug to show me. Otherwise leave a comment, so other people can see that I already know about this or that particular issue.

Also, if you don’t mind, share your experience of using this app in the comments. What I’m specifically interested in is use cases. Tell me what things in your life do you try to track with Simple Q&A Diary. What categories do you use, and what questions?

Your feedback will help me better understand your needs and improve the app accordingly.

8 thoughts on “Simple Q&A Diary feedback page”

  1. First I love the concept of this app! I was able to easily define my diary/journal questions.

    However, upon setting up a new phone using an iTunes backup I lost all my questions. Since I hadn’t actually started to use my “journal” setup this time it was not critical.

    My requests/complaints are the following:

    1. Add more and better export options!
    This is the most critical.
    2. Add iCloud and other cloud based backup options.
    3. Allow the saving off questions as a template.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, David.
      I definitely intend to fix all these issues. I’ll do them in the order of increasing difficulty, starting with number 3, then number 1. iCloud is a bit trickier, so I’ll do it later, probably next year.

      1. It’s a handy app – thanks for building and I’ve just bought the premium version. Is there a way for the app to prompt me to answer questions at a specific time?

  2. Thanks for your feedback. As it turned out I found that I had not lost my questions. Good on you!

    Let me explain more precisely the backup options I’d like to see.

    1. I’d like to expot/backup an entire journal in text format to Notes, Evernote or another text based app.

    2. I don’t always want the questions repeated in an export. Especially if exporting as above. Example: question and then all the answers for that question with dates.

    3. An export option to select specific questions for expot rather than all questions.

    Be creative. And thank you for listening!

  3. Currently the ap allows you to create endless amount of templates, however the user can only have daily access to THREE. I am creating several template for difference sphere of my life and would like the option to access as many templates as needed. I am willing to pay more. Is this a current feature or one you can develop?

    1. Hi Jacqueline.
      What’s probably happening is that fourth template is hidden behind the date selector (bad UX design, I know). You just need to scroll the template list up to see it. Also if the template is empty it is ignored in the template selector when you try to create an entry.

      1. Hi Karen,

        Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I don’t think that is the issue. On my ap, you don’t scroll the template list, you select it with a dot next to it. You scroll the dates. I have 4 templates but when I select the + button to add a diary entry, only 2 of the templates show up.

        1. Hi Jacqueline.

          That list where you select a template with a dot is scrollable. You should be able to see 3 templates at a time without scrolling the list. But since you say that you only see 2 templates, the only other possible reason for it is that the other two templates have no questions in them. Please, go to Menu>Templates and make sure that at least one question is created for each template.

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