Hello. My name is Karen Grigoryan (I’m a dude by the way) and I am a professional programmer living in Stavropol, Russia. I started learning iOS development relatively late, when I was 29. Before that I worked as a civil engineer in Moscow. I quit my job and spent one year learning iOS development. Then I got a programming job in Moscow. After working there for one year I relocated back to my home city of Stavropol to work remotely for the same company. I’ve been living in Stavropol for more than a year now. In the spring of 2018 I quit my job and started freelancing full time.

I have a couple of reasons for starting this blog. First, when I learn new things related to programming, like new tools, technologies and concepts, I want to be able to share this stuff with other people. It’s a well known fact that you learn better by teaching others. Second, this blog may help me promote myself as a software developer in the future. And still another reason is to improve my English through writing.

I guess that’s it for the intro. Thanks for stopping by.

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