3Do – Simple Triple To Do List

Hello there. It’s me, a man named Karen (I know).

Thanks for checking out my app. I know that it’s raw at this point. I just can’t find time to work on it. If you have any suggestions on how I can improve the app, write me an email at karen@successfulcoder.com or add a comment down below. I’ll try my best to do something about this app soon.

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8 thoughts on “3Do – Simple Triple To Do List”

  1. I love the simplicity of 3Do.

    I would love to see a choice to
    “DELETE” the entry listed.

    Thanks so much for allowing use of
    your program.
    Good Luck

      1. The app doesn’t support dark mode yet. So for now, if you want to use the app, you’ll have to turn off the dark mode.

  2. i would love to attach photos to the notes. thank you for this simple and great app!

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