Hardships of an iOS developer slash blogger

This post was supposed to be a technical one. It was going to be about creating and using an iOS static library. But instead I guess I will whine a little about how hard it is to blog nowadays.

As you may know I have a plan of how I write blog posts. Every Monday I must choose a topic for the next article, and then work on the article throughout the week. The first week after I made a decision to stick to that plan I sort of did it. What helped me a lot was the fact that the article was written for the most part long before that week even started.

This week I didn’t have that advantage. I just did nothing. I procrastinated. Well, I did something, like reading on the topic and going through a tutorial. But I didn’t write anything. Also I had couple things on my mind that distracted me from blogging.

Major distraction

Since I returned to Stavropol from Moscow (September 2016) I was living at my parents’ house. I planned to move out in a couple of weeks but for various reasons I stayed there for several months. Now, just the last weekend I finally found an apartment to rent. And so, the last week was full of preparations for the move. I finally moved into my new apartment just yesterday.

When I signed the papers a week ago I didn’t have all the necessary money on me, so a day later I had to dedicate a couple of hours to just delivering the rest of the money to the landlady.

Also, the other day I had to spend several hours setting up the internet connection in my new place. I didn’t do anything but I had to be in my apartment to let the cable men in, wait for them to finish their work and then sign the papers.

These little distractions quickly add up into a total inability to blog, let me tell you.

Another distraction

International Women’s day. Here in Russia we have this strange holiday on the 8th of March, when you congratulate the women you know (and sometimes the women you don’t even know) and buy them gifts. So, that also distracted me from blogging.

And another one

Several days ago I came up with an idea for an app. I’m not going to reveal anything right now, but the idea is genius. The app will be very easy to develop and hopefully it will have a very high retention rate, and that means I might make some money through ads in this app. I just couldn’t help thinking all the time about this app. I even started to work on the design for it.

Also, right now I’m reading a book on design, called The Non-Designers Design Book. And as I learn the concepts from this book I try to implement them right away in the design of my new app. I’m not rushing the design. I will finish it only after I finish reading the book. I don’t want any regrets about design mistakes later.


It’s hard to blog. On the other hand I see how blogging can be easy. If only I could write about something I want to write about.

You know how they say that you should find your niche and stick to it. Especially when you are just starting out as a blogger. So I have picked my niche which is iOS development.

But I find that it’s incredibly hard to stick to it. What if I’m interested in design right now? Do I have to force myself to stop learning design and learn some programming tips and tricks instead? The question that I keep asking myself is: why can’t I write about design? Maybe this is the way? What if I’m some kind of a unicorn developer in the making? Maybe that is my real niche?

Maybe blogging is not about following a bunch of rules? Maybe it’s about being authentic and writing about something that you want to write about? What do you think?


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