On writing short posts from now on

Today I came up with an idea of how I should run my blog from now on.

Here is the thing. I learn something about programming every day. But what I learn during one day is usually not enough to make for a good, average sized article on this blog. Of course, I can just research a specific topic for several days and when I have enough to say about the topic write a blog post. That’s the way I was trying to run this blog up until now.

But the problem is that I am not very consistent with my topics. I switch them very often. Some time ago I decided to create a web app with JavaMail and MySQL server (I wrote a post about it). The next day I thought it would be cool if I was able to do some UI/UX design on top of programming. So I started learning photoshop. Couple of days ago I had to use some Python on my job (I learned a little bit of Python a long time ago, but I have never used it at my job before). As a result I got interested in Python, so now I want to learn more about it. And so on.

What I like about my blog posts is that I can always come back to them and be reminded of the stuff that I have once learned. I like to use this blog as my personal learning diary. That way I don’t have to Google the same stuff over and over again. But again, the problem is that, because I am not consistent with my topics, I don’t write a lot of articles on this blog.

And here is my idea. What if instead of trying to write normal sized articles I would just write every day about the stuff that I learned that day. Sure, these short articles will be of lesser value for the readers. But at least I will be able to write on a regular basis. And I will have my learning diary, which is super cool.

That’s it. I don’t want to commit myself to daily blogging just yet, but I suspect that I will in the near future.

For now I just allow myself to write short posts. 


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