Simple Q&A Diary

This is a journaling app in which instead of writing paragraphs of text, as you would do in any ordinary diary, you answer a bunch of questions on a daily basis. This will save you a lot of time. The list of questions is designed by you, and can be edited at any moment. Simple Q&A Dairy provides the ability to easily monitor any aspect of your life. Say, for instance, you want to lose weight. In this case you can set one of the questions to be “What did I eat today?” or “How many miles did I run today?” Having to answer the same questions every day will keep you focused on your goals. Entries in the diary can be grouped by question. The entire contents of the diary can be presented as plain text, which you can copy and save outside of the app.


App’s features:
– You can group the answers.
– You can search through the diary.
– You can present the contents of your diary as a text, then copy that text and save it somewhere.
– You can edit the list of questions at any time. Existing entries won’t be affected by this.
– Entries can be edited and/or deleted.
– You don’t need to answer all the questions at once. Instead, you can create a new entry by answering just one question from your current list of questions and then answer other questions one by one throughout the day by editing that entry. One can easily imagine using this app, for example, in a gym for writing down the results of each exercise (number of sets and repetitions) immediately after that exercise is done.
– You can skip answering any question. In this case that question won’t be shown in the resulting entry. However, the entry ‘remembers’ that question, so you can answer it later.